Street Furniture

About Ripple Iron Perf Street furniture

We aim to produce well  designed durable products with good anthropometrics, vandal resistance, corrosion protection and paint adhesion. We do not aim to compete with the cheapest street furniture with a limited life span.

We also aim to create a product that is culturally appropriate to the environment in which the furniture is intalled.


  • Under load in bending our ripple iron in its application for street furniture is tronger than 2.5mm solid steel plate
  • Does not lend itself to graffiti as mach as plain surfaces
  • Because of the size of perforations , vandalism by using screw drivers etc to bend and break the edges of the holes is not possible
  • Due to the densely perforated nature and rippled profile Ripple Iron Perf. will not heat up as much as flat surfaces
  • Ripple Iron perf allows air movement through for greater comfort avoiding perspiration buildup
  • More comfortable to rest on than flat surface
  • Our gal ultracoat finish on steel with hot metal zinc spray is thicker than hot dip gal and soaks up paint giving blended adhesion with no flaking paint
  • Proven performance over the past 20 years in high use public areas
  • All Australian made

Street furniture