Why Us

Why Ripple Iron P/L


Ripple iron is our expertise, and we deal with the general public as well as professionals and tradesmen.

Ripple Iron P/L will help anyone with a small or large project to achieve a successful and professional job using ripple iron sheet. We do as little or as much as the client wants -from sheet supply to cutting total exteriors or rooms with associated trims.

Profiling, using and manufacturing ripple iron products has been our focus for over 20 years resulting in taking ripple iron well beyond its original uses.

We have profiled over a 100 different materials, thicknesses and perforated sheet for different applications .

We have curved ripple iron to smaller radii then was considered possible by master tradesmen.

Our materials and products are all profiled and manufactured at Moorooka, using materials made in Australia except for materials like copper, for which there is no australian manufacturer.

Ripple Iron P/L and despatches all over Australia and is easily located and contactable.

Our products are made to last.

How we started

Ripple Iron is a family business started in 1991 by architect Russell Hall. Russell loves corrugated iron having experimented with it since he was a 17 year old student. In 1965 he curved a corrugated iron chair then experimented with the smaller ripple iron profile.

Russell’s idea of making street furniture using the traditional ripple iron profile in 1.6 perforated mild steel solved the many problems including vandalism that existed in the public arena. Bins and seats and shelters supplied 20 years ago can still be seen in use.

With experimentation on different materials and thicknesses, we have expanded the range of metals and services for both decorative and functional purposes.


Russell’s experimentation with ripple iron has let to the range of ripple iron designs including lightshades, stubby holders and mailboxes with product acknowledgement.

Ripple Recliner Chair in Queensland Art Gallery
Ripple Iron Stubby Holder − Memento Award
Australian display at Milan Triennale

Privacy Policy

 Aim /Policy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        To maintain confidentiality of all information relating to clients and staff through secure processes and providing personal information only on a need to know basis.

Ripple Iron does not collect any personal information other than that provided by you; or requested to satisfy legislation e.g. invoices and contact details to assist regarding your enquiry or transactions .

If you come to Ripple Iron via another contact e.g. Build and Design Centre and have given your contact details we may send you an initial letter or email, but do not send further information unless requested by you.

We keep transaction information. Access is available if requested by you for your information, only after we are satisfied that you and the client for whom you are requesting the information are the same person, or have authority on behalf of the relevant agency for whom the request is made for their information.

You are welcome to use our brochures and website and any information therein for your personal use but not for publication. Ripple Iron has the copyright on all its designs and information.

Information is provided only on a need to know basis, hence we do not share information with any other agency or person, and staff are trained as such. Information is kept in a secure environment.

Ripple Iron has a track record of no breaches of information or illegal access to information.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Ripple Iron Products are made to last. Its product materials are recyclable. We use solar power for all electricity and recycle metal and timber. Ripple Iron has 11 tanks for water and has an Environmental Policy  best demonstrated below – all on our humble industrial site.