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About Ripple Iron Perf Street Furniture

Wheelie Bin Enclosure WBE1


Ripple Iron P/L designs and manufactures street and park furniture in steel and stainless steel for heavy use in the public domain.

Ripple Iron street furniture has stood the test of time in schools, streets, railway platforms, parks, public housing, shopping centres, hospitals, Tafes and other public areas.

20 year old Ripple Iron furniture is seen, still in use with all parts intact , and without damage in vandal prone exposed environments.

What differentiates Ripple Iron furniture is:

  •  Good design anthropometrics
  • Under load in bending, the seat skins are stronger than 2.5mm solid steel plate
  • Fully welded structure with no mechanical fixings
  • Vandal resistance – No flat surfaces for graffiti vandals
  • Designed for the climate – Ripple Iron perf allows air movement through for greater comfort avoiding perspiration buildup
  • Excellent corrosion protection for steel furniture with Gal Ultracoat finish on steel (hot metal zinc spray is thicker than hot dip gal and soaks up paint giving blended adhesion with no flaking paint
  • Proven long term performance

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All Australian made