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Street Furniture − Round Bins

Ripple iron Round bins were designed to solve existing problems of street binsy4


Round steel bins made vandal resistant with rippled round skin , solid custom made hinge , all welded construction,with optional fixings and finishes. 20 year old bins are still in use.

Specifications  & Problems Solved

  • Domed lid prevents rubbish piling up and overflowing
  • Solid welded hinged lid keeps lid on
  • Trouble free latch always closes, easy to unlockbut invisible to vandals
  • Gal ultra coat corrosion protection provides longlife to base metal
  • Rippled skin give stronger body for vandal resistance
  • Domed base plate allows for uneven mounting surface

Dimensions Height 890  ∅ 530

Options for Fixing Standard baseplate 4 bolt down or cast in spigot, or wall mount

Colour from powdercoat range


  • Ashtrap
  • Padlock lugs
  • 2 toned with different coloured lid

Styles of Round Bins

All bins have the features as above in specifications with the following differences
Rb1 Perforated rippled skin , gal ultracoat finish
Rb2 Solid rippled skin , gal ultracoat finish
Rb3 Solid rippled skin round bin hot dip gal finish
Rb4 Solid  stainless steel  bin 316 or 304