Heritage corrugation

Heritage Corrugation

Profiling and Curving for original ripple iron and 3/4 profile as well as tapered sheet for lighthouse restoration.

Goods Island Light house

Custom Service
For matching and duplicating corrugations, the provision of a full sheet is the most helpful aid to identify material and profile,  however if this is not possible a photo in situ and and some corrugation dimensions as pitch and depth is a useful start.

Sheet length limitation is  (10’ ) as used in heritage buildings before roll formed roofing came into production.

Ripple Iron can vary the depth of the corrugation to replicate an original profile in corrugated iron and ripple iron profiles.

Corrugated profiles matched include :
• Original curved galvanised ripple iron stove recesses
• Original galvanised ripple iron awnings
• Original tapered corrugation on lighthouse using solid zinc
• Original galvanised ripple iron soffits
• Original ripple iron bathroom
• Curving heritage gal 3/4 sheet
• Original ripple iron ceiling
Curving heritage profiles
Ripple iron sheet
¾ heritage sheet