Deep Ripple

Deep Ripple

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j1Description: Deep Ripple is a deeper small corrugated profile with 25mm oscillation and 8-9 mm depth

(Photo is .45 stainless steel)

• Large variety of metals up to .55 thick making thin material stronger and more rigid
• Greater depth presents a more readable texture
• Wider than usual being around 920 mm
• Colorbond is .55 thick with pvc coating therefor no cleanup and saves labour
• Can be profiled on width of sheet reducing joins and onsite costs
• Standard zincalume flashings in stock
• Can be folded but not curved (some limited curving possible)




Rib Direction
Can be profiled on length or width of sheet

Metals: Solid and perforated Zincalume, Gal., Colorbond, Mild Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium

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Embossed material untried in deep ripple
Mill finished sheet can be anodised, powdercoated, painted or polished after profiling


Up to .55 mm with 2400 length but shorter lengths have been profiled in thicker material up to 1.2 mm

Sheet Dimensions:
• Maximum length 2400 mm. Standard is 2400 for most sheet.
• Width usually 950 with 915 cover ( varies with feed stock and type of metal)
• Standard flat sheet 1200 and 1500 wide can be profiled on width to managable lengths

Generally not curved . Standard Ripple is used for curving

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