Curving & Folding

kCurving  & Folding

Sheet for Curving
Standard ripple in most materials both solid and perforated can be curved.

Thinner sheet :
• Most metals will curve to varying degrees.
• Curves possible include the following with minimum radius 100mm, although Ripple Iron does curve smaller radii for the stubby holders


Stock Curving Sheet
.55 zimcalume is kept in 3000 mm lengths for curving ( cover 770)
Thicker sheet: Curves for thicker material are seen in Ripple Iron products and
include radii− 55ø, 110ø, 175ø as well as 90° bends


Sheet can be folded to form a corner in instances where an internal or external corner flashing is not desirable e.g. In a shower using stainless steel sheet.