Heritage corrugated profiles

Heritage corrugated profiles

Profiling and Curving for original ripple iron and 3/4 profile

To replicate a corrugated profile if you can bring in a piece, we can certainly identify the material and profile and can likely remake.

A photo in situ and or some corrugation dimensions as pitch and depth is a useful start.

Sheet length limitation is the same (10’ ) as used in heritage buildings before the new roll forming process came into production

By varying the  depth of profile we can likely match original corrugated profiles.

Corrugated profiles matched include :
•    Original curved galvanised ripple iron stove recesses
•    Original galvanised ripple iron awnings
•    Original tapered corrugation on lighthouse using solid zinc
•    Original galvanised ripple iron soffits
•    Original ripple iron bathroom
•    Curving heritage gal 3/4 sheet

•    Industrial / Commercial Problem solving

Corrugating material to 2mm solves problems in industrial applications

•    Grain silo aeration − 1.6 gal and mild steel perforated sheet profiled into both custom orb and ripple iron profiles and curved to half circle

•    Concrete control joint using 1.2, 1.6 and 2mm mild steel profiled into standard ripple

•    Filtering experiments using fine stainless steel mesh in deep ripple profile

•    Screens for shelters in high vandalism areas using 1.6 perforated steel with gal ultracoat finish.

•    Street furniture being vandal resistant and unattractive to graffiti vandals

•    Suncontrol using 1.2, 1.6 and 2mm perforated aluminium