Cabinet Making / Shopfitting

Cabinet Making / Shopfitting


Ripple Iron makes working with ripple iron sheet easy!

For fast, easy and accurate installation where precision is needed, Ripple Iron cuts width and length and mark laps on the back of the sheet .
Cutting accuracy +/ − 1mm.
Curving, folding, safety edges and trims available
Fast turnaround times and despatched anywhere



Design:  Custom made or Standard Sheet
Profiles:  Standard Ripple, Deep Ripple
Metals: Zincalume, copper, gal, stainless steel, colorbond, aluminium
Accessories: All finishing flashings are available. Zincalume skirting, internal / external         corners ex stock (special metals made to order)
Open Area:  Solid and perforated sheet available
Size limits  and Services :  As for Standard Ripple, Deep Ripple